Uley Community Spirit grant scheme

It’s always been our intention to use surplus funds (profits) for good causes within our community. Uley Community Spirit is a scheme which distributes a portion of our profits to Uley and Owlpen charities by application.


How it works

Uley Community Stores provides grants to its community’s charities for projects or equipment that will benefit Uley and Owlpen residents.

The amount of money available is determined as a percentage of our previous year’s profits, announced at our October AGM and distributed in the months following. Uley-based charities are then invited to apply for grants by completing the application form.

2018 grants have been awarded to:
Friends of Uley Primary School
Uley Millenium Green
Uley, Owlpen & Nympsfield PCC
Uley Playing Field Trust
Uley Society
Uley Under 5s Playgroup

Previous funding rounds

The following grants were made in June 2017:

Uley Playing Field Trust – £500 for a closable hatch in the kitchen

Uley Millenium Green – £250 for path maintenance to improve access and signage, particularly to warn against dog fouling

Uley Village Hall – £1500 towards resurfacing the toilet area flooring to make it easier to keep clean

Uley Society – up to £250 for up-to-date software to run presentations

Uley with Owlpen & Nympsfield PCC – £229.50 to run a children’s holiday club

Prema Arts Centre – £800 towards replacing seating in the main auditorium

Uley under 5s Playgroup – £799 for new stackable tables, a second Samsung Galaxy tablet to run ‘Tapestry’ which records the children’s development and a second outdoor activity gym

Separately, Uley Primary School has benefited from Uley Community Stores’ sponsorship of the football team.

Read our blog for further information on our first round of funding and how the money was spent.