Delivery days

We always have newspapers, general groceries plus small and family pies, pasties, bacon, eggs, sausages and frozen meats. We also have a good range of fruit and veg, soft drinks, beers and wine.

Milk is delivered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Hobbs House bread is delivered weekdays and Saturday. Most items from their range can be ordered. Place your order in the shop or call the day before by 12.00pm Friday noon for Monday delivery. Fresh croissants and pastries are delivered on Saturdays.

Dangerfield bread is delivered Monday, Wednesday and Friday and can also be ordered.

Cam Family Butchers: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Fresh flowers and plants: as available

Fresh quiche and samosas: Tuesday p.m.

Fresh sandwiches and rolls: Monday and Thursday

Fresh fruit and vegetables: Tuesday and Friday

Frocester Fayre: Regular deliveries

Smoked salmon: Wednesday