Dear Member,

Normally by this time of year the Committee would have had the privilege of  hosting our Uley Community Stores AGM at the Village Hall. This gives us the opportunity to engage with our Members and thank our wonderful cadre of Volunteers.

The purpose of the AGM is to advise Members of our trading performance and financial condition and seek their approval to certain resolutions which can only be determined by a vote of the Members.

We are still required to fulfill the obligations of our AGM, but of course we are unable to meet this year and therefore we have had to adapt things.

So, we have posted a number of documents on the website . The first document is a brief presentation on the shop’s performance for the twelve month period ending June 30 2020 ( click here ) , this is supported by relevant extracts from our financial statements for the financial year ending June 2020  (click here) and thirdly a voting form for certain resolutions  ( click here ). If you wish to vote on the resolutions could you kindly print off the form, vote for or against the resolution, add your name and drop the form off in the shop . Only Members are allowed to vote.

You will see from the presentation that the shop has had another successful trading year , is in great financial shape and continues to manage admirably through the Covid crisis.

For this success we are deeply indebted and grateful to our Volunteers, our Customers and our Suppliers.

Stay Safe and Kind Regards