Another ‘good news’ AGM was held in Uley Village Hall on Saturday 15 October. Uley Community Stores continues to be much used by residents and visitors, continuing the trend of greater revenues since we became a community store in 2012.

Our buying team is doing extremely well with our strategy of three types of product range: good value products, premium but good value products and ‘yummy’ products and it’s proving successful.

That said, we believe we’re reaching a plateau of sales, whereby since we cannot expand our premises and our footfall remains consistent we are probably reaching our optimum level of sales.

We remain ambitious and our budget for our current trading year includes a 10 per cent increase in sales. So keep on buying from your local store – in 2015-2016 our customers bought 1600 sausage rolls, 9000 cartons of milk and 900 bottles of wine!

We declared another two per cent accrual of interest for members’ shares – that’s more than you’d get at a high street bank right now! Click here if you’d like to become a member or increase your shares.

We wouldn’t be where we are without our amazing pool of 50+ volunteers and as ever we are grateful for their continuous endeavour – we have not had to shut the shop for lack of support this year again. If you’d like to join our band of merry helpers please get in touch.

For more details, please download our AGM presentation deck here.
The minutes to our AGM can be downloaded here.