Uley Community Stores & Post Office has been a thriving business since Uley and Owlpen residents rallied in 2012 to save its local store and it has since been owned and run by volunteers.

Shareholders have benefitted each year with a 2% return, we support the employment of local people via the Post Office and the shop goes from strength to strength. We have a large pool of enthusiastic and smiling volunteers who work short shifts in the shop, seven days a week – without local volunteers in the store and behind the scenes we would not have our success to celebrate.

We donate goods to and support our local village groups, whether it’s refreshments for the school and church fetes, or oranges for the Christingle service, or simply as a venue for buying tickets for local fundraising events and raffles.

The Uley shop really is at the heart of its community, the hub of a self-sustaining cycle which is a great asset for the community and aids the prosperity of the village.

In 2015 we passed a three-year milestone. We promised at this point that our shareholders could withdraw their investment if trading levels allowed. As a profitable social enterprise it’s a huge achievement to be able to offer back the initial capital. Those retaining their investment will continue to benefit from interest each year if surpluses remain on track.

At the same time, we are launching Uley Community Spirit. It’s a grant-giving scheme open to Uley registered charities for causes which benefit Uley and Owlpen residents.

A portion of the store’s profits will be distributed to local causes by the Management Committee on a regular basis. We hope that as the shop builds upon its success, the local community will also profit from mutual enterprise and endeavour.