Motivated by the desire to help preserve our local orchard heritage Matt Adams and John Barnes are constantly experimenting and refining methods, both old and new, of using the tonnes of fruit which often go to waste each year. Creating delicious fresh apple juice and cider from this ‘forgotten fruit’ brings value back to the orchards and goes a small way to help protect them for future generations.

They pick from a few orchards in and around North Nibley, Alkington, Sheperdine and Oldbury, always under the watchful gaze of Tyndale Monument. They are always on the look out for other orchards, large or small, and new varieties of apples (and pears!) so would be interested to hear from anyone who has, or knows of, any fruit that may otherwise go to waste.

In May Barnes & Adams 100% apple juice is on sale in UCS at £2.00 a 750ml bottle, normally this retails at £3.00 a bottle, so a great incentive to try this delicious juice from unsprayed apple trees all within 10 miles of Wotton.

Also why not try Tyndale Gold cider at £2.70 a 50cl bottle.