Covid 19

Covid 19 – Freedom Guidelines

Please continue to wear a face mask and sanitise before coming into the shop.

Two customers may enter the shop and One for the Post Office.

Please continue to maintaining social distancing.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Only one person in the shop and one for the Post Office remains in place. To assist with this there is a sign in the Post Office window indicating when the you may enter. Please be aware that the PO staff may at times remain busy after a customer has left so please be patient and wait for the ‘Free” sign. This may mean waiting in the rain but if you have forgotten your brolly you will find one by the entrance door, please sanitise your hands before using.

The Door has to stay OPEN at all times.

Restrict  customer numbers in the Shop: only 1 for the Shop and 1 for the PO at any time, also  a one-way system is in place  on entry turn right for the Shop and move round, left for the PO.


Please use Hand Sanitiser on the left of the door as you enter



Make card payments to minimise handling of cash.

In an effort to keep all our customers, volunteers and staff safe May we kindly ask that should you become ill and test positive for Covid 19 soon after a shopping visit (up to 3 days) that you let us know.

Shopping Bags in the shop

Please can you bring your own bags

If you forget you may purchase the Uley canvas bag from the shop.


However as an alternative, the shop has once again started to collect plastic bags for customer use. There is a new “bag drop bin” outside the shop for you to put your old bags in to.hese will be collected by David Lungley and quarantined at his home for minimum 72 hours before being brought back to the shop.

Please spread the word telling neighbours and friends.


Thank you for your help

Uley Annual Show 2020 – Cancelled

Another Covid casualty

The Uley Show committee have spent many hours discussing all the options. Having scrutinized the Government guidelines with reference to Covid-19 and public events it has been decided that it would not be possible to comply with the guidelines and ensure the safety of participants and organisers.

We are now looking forward to next year, with hope!!

The Programme is still available  to help with ideas.