Vodaphone mast

“The Chair invited comments on the proposal from the members of public and the Council. Comments was received on the chosen location, other possible locations, history of mast applications, style of mast, height of mast and personal viewpoints. All present agreed that it was difficult to fully understand the visual impact of the proposal and that photo images must be included with any future planning application.


Uley Parish Council reluctantly accept that this location is the preferred location for a mast which would benefit Uley and the surrounding area. However, the Parish Council are strongly opposed to the lattice style mast and maintain a flagpole style mast would be much less visually intrusive to this area of outstanding natural beauty and must be reconsidered. The Parish Council would further request that the pole is camouflaged to look like a tree to blend in with the surroundings as per previous discussions/proposals. The Parish Council do not accept that this can’t be considered and believe this decision has been made on a financial basis rather than the logistical issues posed by the terrain.


The Parish Council insist the 25m pole is not necessary given the height and type of trees located in this woodland. Future planting of this woodland should be mindful of a shorter mast”.