July News

The shop is now celebrating its 7th year Anniversary which is fantastic. The holiday season is upon us, if you need Euros the Post Office keeps them in stock, other currencies may be ordered by 11.00am to be available lunchtime the following day. Outside the shop you... read more

May News

Uley Community Stores has a new small notice board built by Matt Summers. This is for village events.  Only A5 or smaller please. Good to see when and what’s going on. The new “Uley Community Stores” shopping bag is now in stock.  Come and get yours, great... read more

Easter 2019

Easter is approaching, lots going on in and around the shop. The Playgroup will be holding an Easter Bunny Hunt, forms will be available in the shop from Saturday April 8th till Monday 22nd. Our WI Ladies have been knitting the very popular ducks containing a... read more

AGM November 2018

Our AGM this year was held on Saturday 3 November 2018 in Uley Village Hall. It’s been another good trading year with revenues up 2% on 2016/17 generating a satisfactory profit of £12,342. Around 320 residents continue to hold shares in the enterprise. We... read more

Help us create the next Uley bag!

We are planning our next re-usable, canvas shopper following on from our popular Original Uley Bag, now sold out. This time we’d like to create an illustrated collage of iconic Uley elements: buildings, scenes, animal and plant life – any detail that is... read more

AGM October 2017

We held our 2017 annual general meeting at Uley Village Hall on Saturday 21 October. Shop performance continues to improve in terms of revenue and we’ve achieved a good balance of stock buying levels and providing what shoppers want. Our volunteers continue... read more

AGM October 2016

Another ‘good news’ AGM was held in Uley Village Hall on Saturday 15 October. Uley Community Stores continues to be much used by residents and visitors, continuing the trend of greater revenues since we became a community store in 2012. Our buying team is doing... read more

Our 4th anniversary and the first round of UCS grants

The fourth anniversary of Uley Community Stores is just around the corner and we have saved the date to share our thrilling announcement about the Community Spirit grant scheme we launched in January this year: more than £3500 has been distributed to local groups. It... read more

Community spirit pays off

Uley Community Stores & Post Office has been a thriving business since Uley and Owlpen residents rallied in 2012 to save its local store and it has since been owned and run by volunteers. Shareholders have benefitted each year with a 2% return, we support the... read more

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